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In line with accounts from his life, he preached the significance of “cognizance of the self” and criticized “love in the direction of perishable things”. His teachings give attention to a ethical code of affection, forgiveness, supporting others, charity, contentment, inner peace and devotion to the God and guru. He confused the significance of give up to the proper Satguru, who, having trod the course to divine attention, will lead the disciple via the jungle of religious training.[3]

Sai Baba additionally condemned difference primarily based on faith or caste. It remains unclear if he was a Muslim or a Hindu. This, however, become of no result to Sai Baba.[4] His teachings combined elements of Hinduism and Islam: he gave the Hindu name Dwarakamayi to the mosque wherein he lived,[5] practised both Hindu and Muslim rituals, taught the usage of phrases and figures that drew from each traditions and took samadhi in Shirdi. Considered one of his well-known epigrams, Allah Malik (God is King) and Sabka Malik Ek (all people’s master is One), is associated with each Hinduism and Islam. He is likewise acknowledged to have said “look to me, and that i shall look to you”[3] and Allah tera bhala karega.[6] He changed into said to be an incarnation of Dattatreya.[7]