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Books are good nevertheless they’re solely maps. Finding out a e-book by path of an individual I study that so many inches of rain fell all through the 12 months. Then he suggested me to take the e-book and squeeze it between my palms. I did so and by no means a drop of water received right here from it. It was the thought solely that the e-book conveyed. So we’re capable of get good from books, from the temple, from the church, from one thing, so long as it leads us onward and upward.Books are ineffective to us till our personal guide opens; then all different books are good as far as they affirm our guide. It’s the robust that perceive power, it’s the elephant that understands the lion, not the rat. How can we perceive Jesus till we’re his equals? It’s all within the dream to feed 5 thousand with two loaves, or to feed two with 5 loaves; neither is actual and neither impacts the opposite. Solely grandeur appreciates grandeur, solely God realises God. The dream is simply the dreamer, it has no different foundation. It’s not one factor and the dreamer one other. The keynote working via the music is — “I’m He, I’m He”, all different notes are however variations and don’t have an effect on the actual theme. We’re the residing books and books are however the phrases we’ve got spoken. The whole lot is the residing God, the residing Christ; see it as such. Learn man, he’s the residing poem. We’re the sunshine that illumines all of the Bibles and Christs and Buddhas that ever have been. With out that, these can be lifeless to us, not residing.

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